Operations and industries that impact air quality are regulated at the state and regional levels. And clean air is vital to public health and the vitality of the region. Cities and towns primarily take voluntary action to reduce air pollution emissions, and support such actions by their residents and businesses. The Caucus is working closely with the Illinois EPA’s Partners for Clean Air to coordinate emission reduction strategies.

Clean Air Counts contributed to the regions’ success in achieving compliance with the federal Clean Air Act in 2009. The Caucus salutes the 115 municipalities and 300 institutions and businesses that have achieved clean air policies with Gold, Silver, and Bronze Clean Air Counts awards.

Alternative transportation programs and policies are vital to maintaining healthy air quality in the region and can advance regional sustainability by reducing adverse impacts of automobiles; dependence on fossil fuels; and by encouraging active lifestyles. We cooperate with these partners to address these objectives. Chicago Clean Cities Coalition works with the US Department of Energy to reduce the use of petroleum and promote the use of clean vehicle technologies.

Working collaboratively with employers, public transportation agencies and local governments is the aim of a proposed Transportation Demand Management program. We participate in the Commute Options Providers Group, led by the Metropolitan Planning Council, to assess the transportation needs of the region and offer transportation alternatives in the region.